Gelish Gel Polish

Gelish Gel Polish is a product guaranteed to last up to 21 days. Chip free, glossy and hard wearing. Ideal for those who need just a little extra strength in a gel polish. Perfect for holidays, and special occasions.


There are plenty of colours choices, and options available.


There is no damage to the natural nail and is removed easily. 

  • Gelish overlay on either finger or toes - £16.50
  • With full manicure - £20.00
  • Gelish Removal - £10.00

Gelish Polygel Overlays

Gelish Polygel is a system which can be used as either overlays or to create sculptured nails. It is a harder type of gel offering protection and encouraging healthy nail growth. Ideal for those who need a tougher system on their nails. It will last for weeks and is removed easily by buffing the product away. 

  • Gelish Polygel overlays - £20.00
  • Gelish Polygel Removal - £10.00
  • Gelish Polygel Extensions - £25.00
  • Gelish Polygel Infill - £20.00

Latest News

I am also offering the service of Gel Overlays from The Gel Bottle.


A British Company which offers professional products with 3 weeks non chip wear. The Gel Bottle is Vegan friendly and does not contain harmful ingredients.


A full range of colours are available.